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The Kundalika River is meant for adrenaline junkies looking for raw adventure and fun! Thrill seekers feel the rush on the 14 km rafting stretch where the Kundalika River challenges you to step up and learn techniques to beat the rapids. Rafting trips enhance your skills of coordination, communication and team work and is an ideal spot for corporate groups or picnickers.

You will be in awe of the spectacular scenery that encompasses you throughout the journey with lush greenery against the backdrop of majestic mountains. Go river rafting in Kolad and stay a night to rejuvenate yourself from the daily hustle of city life. Easily accessible from both Mumbai and Pune, this weekend getaway is perfect if you're looking for a mix of leisure and adventure.

We offer you the best packages at Kolad with an emphasis on safety and quality. It suits every budget and rafting at Kolad leaves you feeling refreshed and full of life. Choose from a wide range of day packages to experience the thrills and chills of the fast-flowing rapids and relax with a tasty lunch prepared by local hosts. Entertain yourself with activities like kayaking, river crossing and zip line or jet ski, bumper and banana ride.

Overnight packages offer you the experience of different types of accommodation in Kolad like home stays, farm stays and river side cottages. Stay in Swiss tents and camp under the stars with the warmth of a campfire and barbeque keeping you up all night unwinding with family, friends or colleagues.


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Wild River Adventures stands for adventure with responsibility. Kolad offers you winding roads taking you through lush greenery. Kolad Rafting is committed to respecting this beautiful green scenery around Kundalika River while ensuring minimal impact on the environment that we operate in. We encourage those who raft and stay with us to embrace fully and appreciate the natural beauty of the forests and the awe-inspiring greenery of the hills.

Wild River Adventures - Kolad Rafting has built a solid reputation over the last 12 years when it comes to quality and safety standards. It takes pride in its extremely professional and experienced staff that places the highest priority on customer safety and service. All our guides have undergone training to conquer the technical Kundalika River and are appropriately licensed. They have a rich experience in navigating the toughest rivers around India, are qualified in rescue and training at sea and rivers and have international rescue SeaMan and Flood Rescue Certificates under their belts. Certified safety equipment is provided to every client and a safety kayaker moves along with the rafts to ensure safety while rafting.

Our Packages

One Day

Kolad River Rafting

Saturdays rafting, lunch, four complimentary activities at Rs.1600/-per person.

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One Day / One Night

Kolad Rafting Overnight

Rafting, accommodation,meals.

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Two Days / One Night

Two Days / One Night

Rafting, Accommodation, Meals & Activities.

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